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hiking in Colorado
hiking in Colorado

I finally have started a travel blog Be Curious Travels. Travelling is  something I definitely would not wish to ever stop doing. Our planet is big  enough for at least a few lifetimes to explore. Also, photography,  videography and travelling go hand in hand for me and so I hope this blog  will become a great platform to do what I love most. As well as that, I hope  that other travelers/photographers/videographers will connect with it in  some way and will find my adventures inspiring. Be Curious is about getting  lost, really tasting and feeling the local atmosphere, following your heart  and feeling free. Sign up to follow me and E*N*J*O*Y!

newborn photography


I did it! That’s one of my favourite shots from the recent newborn photosession I’ve had in London with an amazing family. ”Oh… my… God… ! My personal Anne Geddes :)” (feedback from the happy mum). It makes me so so happy and grateful as well for being given such an amazing opportunity. Can’t wait to spread more magic soon. Will it be you?

Check for more pictures in the family fun –> at home:

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My brand-new video is online! Please watch in HD 1080 setting for the best quality!

business card
© soBeit creations


The model herself presenting my  brand-new business card. Couldn’t ask for more. May it travel far and stick to precious moments of creations.