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Hi! I am a Videographer | Photographer currently based in Wisconsin, USA.  My work ranges from portrait and event photo shoots to promotional video making from start to finish, and has mostly been created for independent clients and small-medium businesses for online use. I work closely with clients and mostly shoot in non-intrusive reportage style to capture the most special memories and raw emotion.

Please check the Photography section on this page or Flickr for examples of my photography and HERE is the most recent showreel of some of the most outstanding video work I have created.



I was born in North Lithuanian town called Panevėžys that with time grew smaller and smaller for my dreams to fit in. Luckily, after graduating from high school, in 2002, I got accepted into Vilnius University in the capital city that appeared definitely big and exciting enough to keep me happy for four crazy/beautiful years. I was studying BA in Cultural History and Anthropology,  and I found most of it really  interesting, however, I still had no clear direction in life, so I simply soaked in all that the doors were open to. This was when I started capturing events and trips on my digital video and photo cameras and creating short entertaining videos to share with friends and family. It was all self-taught from scratch (the Internet wasn’t there yet  for me to help either). I would spend hours and hours editing and choosing the right music tracks to go with it. Soon I turned into the videographer of trips and events. It felt like I have found my purpose, a place to be me.

During the second year of my BA course I went for an interview at one of Vilnius children’s theatre thinking to try as an actress, but after a conversation with the theatre director we both agreed that my skill set was much more suited for filming and editing rehearsals, plays and conducting interviews. It was my first ever paid freelance video job – full of challenges and creative discoveries.

After spending the summer 2004 in USA on the Work&Travel programme I realised that video and photography could turn into something bigger than just a hobby. Close to finishing my BA, I came across an opportunity to do MA course in Film and TV Production at the University of Bristol, UK. I applied and got accepted! The MA course opened up my eyes to the magic of filmmaking from behind the camera and that’s when I fell in love with documentaries as well. I also realised how closely related video and photography are.

In July 2007 it was time to put my postgrad experience to practice, so I moved to London because I believed that’s where all action happens. Having volunteered on a few student shorts and a feature as AD, Art Assistant and Continuity confused me about my direction in life again. I loved being surrounded by talented creatives but the money situation was putting lots of pressure, and volunteering was no more an option. I was losing hope to find a paid job in production, so I turned to whatever paid rent. Life/work balance was not there – I was lost once again.

Getting a Traineeship with D&AD awards after two intense training weeks with the Spring Project in 2011 brought light back to the end of the tunnel. I also felt like everything that happened, happened for a reason. Self-confidence was growing as well as acknowledgement of what I have already achieved. I felt more aware of who I am, what I am capable of and what makes me truly happy. I teamed up with like-minded people to collaborate on inspiring video projects which improved my video making skills and confidence.


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