Simon - toy collector, Toypincher
Simon – toy collector (Toypincher)

‘i Love what i do, i do what i Love’ – portraits photo project.

my major aim for this project is to inspire young people who are at the very early stages of making their decisions  about which path of life to take, but i also hope that anyone else who is stuck in a job which they’re not satisfied with will find some answers in the stories shared and which hopefully will help to take the next step towards change. A future of no or only a small amount of regrets is what I’m after. I would also like to encourage everyone to show unconditional  support and fight the burden of misleading conditioning, pressures of money-oriented environment and high expectations from friends and family. this is an ongoing project, so please do get in touch if you or someone you know would like to take part. the more love, the better.


nightmares of Mr. Egg
nightmares of Mr. Egg (46* noir)

’52 week photo challenge’ – a year-long photo challenge I have taken in 2015 with a new theme each week.

it was an amazing learning experience which opened up my eyes to many new techniques and set my creativity on fire :] for me it wasn’t just about getting the picture, i truly enjoyed sharing the story behind as well, but in the end it was all about reaching for ‘good’, not just ‘good enough’ result. in 2016 i have started a new photo challenge called ‘the dirty dozen’ with 12 different themes for each month. stakes are much higher – let’s see where this one takes me. watch this space or, better, follow me on Flickr or Facebook.


captured this loud black-headed gull during a walk near Arundel, England
march* make a statement

Dirty Dozen’ – photo challenge i took part in in 2016 with a new theme each month of the year. 

expectations were higher together with the pressure of trying to produce a higher quality collection compared to previous year. may you be the judge.