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The very last day of my high school experience was the first time I used our family’s new video camera back in June 2002. I remember very clearly, it was a beautiful sunny day and I was full of excitement about the next step in my life – student life in the capital. I was filming empty hallways and through keyholes of my favourite hometown school’s classrooms,  where I spent my last 12 years. It was a perfect way to say goodbye – closure.

I will never forget how my dad a day or two later came back with the same camera having filmed his colleagues at work all over my footage – knockdown. Oh well, I’ve got a story to tell now.

Video and photography come hand in hand for me and I apply similar technique to both: attention to detail, raw emotion and a non-intrusive capture of an event. I work closely with a client from initial ideas until we’re both happy about the final result. I do my best to enhance your project with visually attractive and informative content and support you with feeling comfortable in front of camera. Building a mutually trustworthy and lasting relationship is always the key for me.

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