Four friends set out on a canoeing/camping adventure in Wales covering 33 miles of the river Wye. Staying at four different campsites along the way, surrounded by mesmerising beauty of remote nature, getting to know each other a bit more and testing their physical and mental strength.

I edited this incredible footage from California for Conscious Media as my first collaboration project and we've been working together on many more amazing projects thereafter. Keep your mind open and let the sound take you to places you never thought existed.

Capturing the events of day5 at the Spring Project. The training took two weeks that involved around 200 recent graduates from diverse backgrounds, and which resulted in final 18 being selected for the traineeship with D&AD awards. It wasn’t easy, but every moment would have been worth it even if I haven’t been one of the lucky 18 🙂

A couple days spent with friends at the incredibly beautiful Gower beach in South Wales suits the song just right I thought.

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